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Friends of Faith Ministries International Missions has been reaching out for nearly two decades, making a difference locally, regionally, and globally with the Gospel of Christ.   We truly feel that we are His hands, His feet, His mouth, His ears and with that in mind we are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. We believe in the power of the gospel to change lives for the better and here are some of the ways by which we accomplish this goal.

Interfaith Academy
Interfaith Academy Online and Distance Learning provides quality educational resources and teaching materials for students in grades 3-10.  Interfaith Academy was designed for homeschool education but it is ideal  for tutorials as well.  With over 1,000 course objectives to choose from, students are given the chance to succeed in their academics.  Many of our students graduate before most high school students and move on to excel in their college studies.  
Interfaith University 
Interfaith University, a Christian Bible college focuses on various aspects of Christianity and life  Interfaith University offers over 55 accredited degrees and a wide-scale of credentials ranging from diploma to doctorate levels degrees.  For the past eighteen years, Interfaith University has prayerfully tailored a God-given system for winning souls, evangelizing the world, equipping and training ministers and laity alike all the while securing the financial inflow towards ministries with vision.   Scholarships have been awarded to empower individual laypersons, Christian workers, and pastors with a quality Bible education.

Feeding Programs
Many families in the United States can not afford to feed their families.  Friends of Faith Ministries has been instrumental in feeding over 500 families locally in the Macon, Montgomery, Russell and Lee counties.  The number of families who can't afford to feed their children in impoverished nations around the world is much higher than in the U.S. Through partnering with larger international ministries, we  help to feed children and families in more than 30 countries around the world.

Community  Involvement
Over the years, Friends of Faith Ministries International has assisted and provided wholesome family entertainment wherever we take the gospel.  By hosting free concerts like the African Children's Choir and the Interfaith University Singers, we reach the community locally and globally with heart warming gospel music.  With a sincere desire to reach the world with the Word of God by using any acceptable means that the Holy Spirit gives us, Friends of Faith Ministries International has witnessed a thousands of people make decisions to come to the Lord Jesus Christ or rededicate their lives and lead others to Him. More recently we have added sponsoring trips to places like The Holy Land Experience, to share the message of Jesus Christ with our communities.

Mikki High Bully No More Project
Through the Mikki High Bully No More Project, we're reaching several adults, children and families who have been affected by bullying.  Over 160,000 students in the United States deal with bullying everyday.  Mikki High, teen gospel singer, uses her music to encourage youth to push through adversity and find wholeness in their spirits.  Through group talks, assemblies, movie nights, concerts and more, the Mikki High Bully No More Project reaches thousands of students and their families.

Radio and Internet Broadcasts
Airing over terrestrial and web radio, Friends of Faith Ministries International takes the gospel to homes down the street and around the world.  The You Can Make It Broadcast airs to local residents in central Alabama, while WVIU reaches a potential audience of  57 million people with practical Biblical teachings and Christian music.  Our unique niche allows us to feature local, national, and international ministers as well as new and upcoming Gospel and Christian artists.  Friends of Faith Ministries International also provides quality and practical Bible teaching videos and live streaming via the internet.

We are excited about what God will do through you through the power of partnership to continue fulfilling the Great Commission!

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